Your Friendly Neighbourhood Maid Agency

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Maid Agency

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Maid Agency

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We specialise in Indonesian Maids and has an establish network partnered MAID TRAINING CENTRES in several regions of Indonesia.

JANS Maid and Employment Agency is your one-stop service for all your needs

Why Choose Us ?

Affordable Agency Fees

Singapore’s Most Affordable and Cheapest Maid Agency

Professional Services

We assure clients a piece of mind when getting their best maid in Singapore

Exclusive Candidates

All our domestic helpers will be interviewed by our agency before pairing with the right employer

About Us

Best Maid Agency in Singapore, crafted to your specification, from start and beyond.

Aim to be Best Maid Agency with the affordable price package. Transparency and honesty is one of our business cornerstone and we believe it is the foundation of an enduring and trusting relationship. 

  • Dedication You Can Trust
  • One Stop Maid Agency
  • We Believe Every Family Is Unique

Our Services

Each home has different setting. Jans Maid believes in pairing the right domestic helper with the right home. We have an established maid training centre where our domestic helper are given intensive training for three months before their biodata are made available for selection.

We at Jans Maid & Employment Agency will assist you with the renewal of your domestic helper’s work permit, re-issue of their passport, cancellation of their work permit, as well as home leave, exit pass, professional work permit application. Engage our service and you will have a one-stop resource for all your household needs, allowing you to have an ease of mind.

Foreign Domestic Worker

  • Indonesian
  • Myanmar
  • Filipino
  • India
  • Sri Lanka


  • Infant Care
  • Elderly Care
  • Home Cleanliness
  • Daily chores
  • Settling-In Programme


  • Airport Services / Maid Arrival
  • Ferry Terminal Services
  • Maid Arrival
  • Medical
  • Work pass services

Work Permit Renewal

Passport Renewal

Home Leave Processing

Professional Workpass

Exit Pass Processing

Malaysian Work Permit

Our Working Process

Jansmaid's Unique Process Of Helping Families Find The Most Suitable Helper

We Make Finding Your Ideal Helper Simple And Pleasant In Just 4 Simple Steps


From our database of domestic helper, We will select and screen the domestic helper candidate based on their key information given to us by the employer before the interview.



Both helper & employer are assisted by our support team in completing the necessary documentation.






Training & Medical Screening

Additional help will be rendered by JANS Maid once she is flown into Singapore. We will again brief the domestic helper about the setting of HDB flats and how to adapt to live in Singapore as a domestic helper.


As soon as your helper arrives at your home, she is equipped with the skills and knowledge you need for home care.





What makes us different ?


When we facilitate a placement, we are careful. We do not simply forward every profile we have to you to select. We meticulously shortlist only candidates that we believe will meet your needs.


Before sending you their profiles, we communicate with our potential candidates in advance to ensure they understand what is expected of them. By doing so, we can provide a more efficient service, which will prevent you from wasting your time interviewing candidates who are not suitable.

Communication between you and your helper is essential for preventing any unwanted misunderstandings.


With a conscientious approach, we take pride in our responsibilities. It is our policy not to place anyone who we would not wish to employ ourselves.

We are not interested in recycling or placing unsuitable helpers for profit, nor do we wish for any Employer to experience an unpleasant experience by hiring an unsuitable worker.


Our job does not end with the completion of the employment transaction. We provide unlimited support throughout the employment contract when you engage our services.

There is no 100% guarantee regarding the suitability of helpers, but we can guarantee our 100% commitment to you we will not shy away from responsibilities and will be there to assist you if needed at any point of time

Our Package

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