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Each home has different setting. Jans Maid believes in pairing the right domestic helper with the right home. We have a very good maid training center where domestic helper train for at least three months before their biodata are made available for selection.

We at Jans Maid & Employment Agency assist you with the renewal of your domestic helper’s work permit, re-issue of their passport, cancellation of their work permit, as well as home leave, exit pass, professional work permit and Malaysian work permit application. Jans Maid is your one-stop resource for all your household needs, allowing you to have an ease of mind.

Foreign Domestic Worker

  • Indonesian
  • Myanmar
  • Filipino
  • India
  • Sri Lanka


  • Infant Care
  • Elderly Care
  • Home Cleanliness
  • Daily chores
  • Settling-In Programme


  • Airport Services / Maid Arrival
  • Ferry Terminal Services
  • Maid Arrival
  • Medical
  • Work pass services

Work Permit Renewal

Passport Renewal

Home Leave Processing

Professional Workpass

Exit Pass Processing

Malaysian Work Permit

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